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Our trades

Armor Meca serves its clients to provide increasingly effective solutions, seeking continual optimisation. Armor Meca has established specific organisation methods for each of its trades to reduce cycle times.


We are experts in machining complex and highly critical parts in aluminium, titanium, stainless steel and super alloys. With 50 years of experience and customer-focused expertise, we continuously optimise our machinery through a policy of sustained investment, which in 2017 allowed us to count more than 60 recent machines, including 75% digitally-controlled 5-axis machines.


Our teams are specifically qualified in complex subsystem equipment and assembly processes and can reduce your cycle times by providing just-in-time delivery of ready-to-assemble subsystems.


With nearly 10 years of experience in metal additive, we provide daily support for your projects with engineers from our design office, our technological hybridization solutions and our metallurgical characterisation laboratory.
We develop cobalt-chrome and titanium parts, which we are able to deliver to our clients in the demanding medical sector in 24 hours.


Amor Meca also has virtually unmatched expertise to optimise materials and timelines in mass-manufacturing.
Our design-to-cost solutions have allowed our customers to reduce their cycle times while improving quality and respecting the mechanical characteristics of the parts we manufacture for them.

Design office

Thinking ahead to produce more effectively.
Armor Meca is aware of this reality and knows how to support you in developing new parts and secure their series production downstream.



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