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Our vision

"Develop a new industrial, human, responsible and effective model to overcome


the challenges of the 21st century"

Our history

Created in 1965, Armor Meca is a small- to medium-sized business with expertise in complex part machining and subsystem assembly. Our family company with expertise recognized by major clients (Airbus, Stelia, Safran, Thales, MBDA, etc.) is primarily active in highly demanding sectors such as the aeronautics, defence, energy, naval and medical fields. Our robotics team and our additive business are continually developing new industrial solutions to constantly exceed our clients’ numerous expectations. This is why Armor Meca is always changing, with 20% increased turnover each year—growth that is a direct result of continuous optimisation of our production processes and organisation, with dedicated resources for each flow.

Our manufacturing base

 Armor Meca has some of the most modern machinery to create both simple and complex parts for dimensions reaching up to 800 mm or 1000 mm.
Soon to be equipped with 60 machines, our stock is mainly comprised of digitally-controlled 5-axis machines in addition to 4-axis and 3-axis machines as well as grinding machines.
With its continuous investment strategy, Armor Meca provides its clients an innovative industrial tool with cutting-edge technology.
With its qualifications in special processes and assembly abilities, Armor Meca allows you to shorten your cycles and reduce your financial burden.

Our main clients

Our business sectors

Armor Meca is ISO 9001 and EN 9100 certified and is a historic leader in the aeronautic sector, in which it has created trusted connections for over 50 years

Over the course of its various developments, the company has remained strongly planted in the aeronautics sector while also diversifying in other sectors such as the defence, naval, energy and medical fields, where its expertise is now recognized and commended (ISO 13485 certified).

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