“They did not know it was impossible, so they did it.” Mark Twain extolled the virtues of innovation, which is at the heart of Armor Meca’s strategy. It’s a constant obsession that guides us not only through new product development, but also new machines and everything that goes into improving service quality and customer relationships.

Technological innovations

Our robotics team is constantly innovating to invent the factory of the future by automating a growing portion of our production methods, soon to reach 40% of our machinery.

Social innovations

We couldn’t put innovation at the heart of our strategy without putting people at the heart of our focus. This belief led us to establish ambitious training plans, going as far as imagining Emeraude Valley, a new type of ecosystem that is both academic and an incubator, where everything is meant to inspire creativity.
In the same vein, we are multiplying partnerships (Bretagne Ateliers, Les Jardins de Cocagne) to build high-value social and human development that is important to us, symbolised by our planting a tree for each new employee.

Environmental innovations

Our teams are committed to protecting the environment, in particular through collecting and recycling machining chips, which we then compress to collect cutting oils.
Starting now, Armor Meca also plans to create conditions for a production process that is self-sufficient in energy. Our active partnership in sailor Victorien Erussard’s wonderful program Energy Observer allows us to continuously improve our environmental performance.
Each employee counts in our environmental approach, and Armor Meca demonstrates this by planting a fruit tree for each employee.




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